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Mortgage Protection, Indexed Universal Life, Whole Life, Individual Disability, Business Operating Expense, Retirement Planning, Annuities and other products catered to your specific needs...

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... one the fastest growing and most respected insurance firms in the country, specializing in providing financial protection for individuals, families, and business throughout the country.

Peoples Protection Group operates in 43 states with a solid distribution channel made up of professional financial consultants nationwide.

The marketing officers of the firm have more than 75 years of combined experience, but more importantly possess a passion for ensuring the fulfillment of the American Dream!

At Peoples Protection Group, we take pride in our ability to offer innovative products and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers. We earn the loyalty of our customers by offering value and excellence.

our belief

If acquiring and owning a home is the Cornerstone of the American Dream then we believe keeping it is the keystone. Among the top reasons for families losing their homes is untimely death or an unforeseen illness or injury.

Peoples Protection Group is here to insure that a tragedy does not become insurmountable by a financial disaster. We believe that Mortgage Protection can not only keep you and your family in your current lifestyle, but it can also propel us in all the dreams that we aspire too.

In America, our home is our castle and it is the basis for our financial stability so that is why our passion is so great. We have seen in our years countless families saved from financial ruin by simply spending a few dollars a month to provide a secure foundation to protect all that is at stake, and there is so much.

Unfortunately in 2010 our passion met with reality with the loss of our founder, Randy Zisook. In 1983, when he started his insurance agency, he would have never imagined that his family would become beneficiaries of his mortgage protection policy at a young age of 47. So it is with heavy hearts that we know now more than ever the importance of mortgage protection coverage.

Mortgage Protection Life

Mortgage Protection is about providing for the loved ones who must continue without you.

A mortgage protection life plan may allow your family to :
Pay off the mortgage so they can stay in their home
Settle your debts and final expenses
Continue to pay the bills and maintain their current lifestyle
Carry out your plans to send your kids to college

There's no need to look anywhere else...

Disability Individual

Some choices are more important than others, make the choice today to protect your most important asset... your income. How would you continue to support yourself or your family if you were disabled for any length of time?

Business Operating Expense Insurance

Protect your business, deduct your premiums...

We can help you assess, calculate and effectively address your retirement


Annuities are an important part of retirement and investment plans, designed to help your assets grow and provide a steady stream of income when you decide to retire. An annuity is an agreement between you and an insurance company, where you accumulate your funds in a tax advantaged manner and can later receive a series of payments provided by the insurance company for a determined period of time, either a number of years or for life, beginning right away, or in the future, whatever your needs are.


Fixed Indexed Universal Life

  • Flexible Death Benefit  Ability to change death benefit in the future based on your changing needs
  • Tax – Free death benefits
  • Cash Accumulation can be accessed and used at the policy owner’s
  • Does not create taxation of social security benefits
  • Guaranteed Income stream for life
  • Rollovers from IRAs. 401(K),pension and profit sharing plans
  • No mandatory distribution after age 70
  • Upside Growth Potential
  • Protection against market LOSS – Never have a negative return due to market losses ever
  • Annual reset provision ( Lock in each year of positive return in the market )
  • Money transfers to your beneficiary (heir)


We are pleased that you are interested in working for Peoples Protection Group.

Peoples Protection Group is dedicated in 
providing you all the resources necessary to make you successful. We believe that your success is the measure of our achievement and the key to our growth.


Choosing a career is a big step. Choosing a company is just as important. At Peoples Protection, we believe the choice is easier because of what we have to offer.

In house direct mail generated leads. Our leads are 100% exclusive to our financial consultants, enabling you to pursue prospects with the highest level of success without competition.  We believe you should spend your time doing what you do best selling, not knocking on doors.

  • Annualized Commissions
  • Complete Training with 24 Hour Support
  • World Class Incentive trips for our top financial consultants
  • Management opportunities
  • Home Office Support
  • New Business processing department


When you choose to join Peoples Protection Group, you’ll find working with an organization with a track record of strength, continued growth and unlimited future potential.



Peoples Protection Group is seeking individuals with proven verifiable track record of success in life insurance sales. PPG is looking for self motivated people with a competitive spirit, passion and energy ( resumes may be faxed to (800) 863 1445 ).

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